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Real Time Analysis for Aircraft using EMC Labs

The aviation industry is aggressively placing digital sensors in aircraft engines, hoping the data gathered from them provide more efficient operations and more timely maintenance. Therefore, more and more analytics work must be done on data generated from those sensors to improve monitoring performance. Today, the aviation industry leverages big data analytics to monitor engines. In recent years, many aviation industries have moved toward a single operation center. However, the data center cost to initialize these systems is very expensive as thousands of CPUs and a vast amount of storage may be used in a single data center.

In this Knowledge Sharing article, Youssef M. Essa, Gamal Attiya, Ayman El-Sayed, and Sayed ElDawy propose a framework to merge academic data centers of EMC in each country to process and analyze Petascale data based on a virtualization layer developed using mobile agent. The virtualization layer is software which can run on all EMC Labs that receive huge amounts of data from digital sensors. The framework allocates data to different EMC Labs in each country to improve performance of big data analytics. In their article, the authors present a strong case that this strategy is more cost effective than using a single operation center because it uses current labs of EMC.

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