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RecoverPoint Inside VMware Environments

Every organization must remain vigilant in ensuring they have a working, reliable replication in place.

RecoverPoint is a very intelligent and resilient replication product, and is optimized with VMware environments. It helps you dynamically design how to replicate virtual machines (VMs) and can be used alone or with VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) or EMC Replication Manager for DR failover automation. Not only can it be used for replication but, because of how easy it becomes to present any point in time image of your choice, you can better utilize your disaster recovery site resources for backups and analysis activities.

In this Knowledge Sharing article, Mohamed Gombolaty takes you through best practices and steps you need to follow to ensure you have well-tuned and totally protected VMware sites using RecoverPoint solution along with some extras you can add such as VPLEX.

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