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Smart Wearable Glasses – Future Data Center Management

Managing the modern data center presents a myriad of challenges such as increasing infrastructure complexity, increasing hardware issues, power failure, service disruption, and so forth.

In this Knowledge Sharing article, Gnanasoundari Soundarajan and Radhakrishna Vijayan describe how using Smart Wearable Glasses to visualize network connectivity and complexity can benefit the user. When fitted with safety lenses, Smart wearable Glass provides a great opportunity to revolutionize the way data center technicians perform their daily tasks.

Their article shares how using Smart Wearable Glasses enable data center technicians to visualize:

• The blueprint of the data center

• How the devices are connected to the data center

• Where the device is located

• How the cables are connected with each other

This article provides the high level architecture to achieve the solution, including:

• How it Works

• Detailed Work Flow

• Benefits

• Work Orders

• Fast Parts Identification

• Real-Time Heat Mapping

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