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Storage Certifications


I am very much interested in doing EMC Proven Professional Certifications for Storage Area Network. I just wanted to know How many Certifications I have to clear to work in the Storage Industry. After Clearing all the Certifications ; As a fresher would I get a Job in a good Company. As I was going through the Job Portals ; I found very less or Limited Jobs for Freshers. Or Do we get Absorbed in the Company from where we do our Storage Certifications like EMC,IBM,HP etc. I am Confused. Please Help me out.

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Re: Storage Certifications

1. No amount of Certification can earn you a Job, however sufficient knowledge and interview skills may with or with out certification.

2. No you don't get absorbed if you clear certifications from certain Storage Array Vendor.

Refer to my Response here: Re: I am studying for the EMC ISM 10-001 cert, and need some information on practice tests.

Moreover, all the vendors do have openings for freshers time to time, you just need to make sure you don't miss it!