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Storage Refresh: Commercial Gain or Cost Drain?

According to independent research from Wikibon, organizations typically spend 54% of original storage acquisition costs on refresh and migration activities. Based on his own observations, Knowledge Sharing author Russell Easter posits that poor governance and lack of business sponsorship can result in the total cost for refresh and migration being in excess of 120% the array costs. With storage growth figures outpacing technology cost reductions this means that the portion of the IT budget needed for such migrations will increase if significant adjustments to working practices aren’t made.

This Knowledge Sharing article demonstrates how adjusting working practices and embracing transformational change can significantly save on storage refresh costs and provide increased value to the business and its leaders.

In the article, Russell discusses how IT architects can bring innovation to reduce the time taken and increase the value gained from future storage array refreshes, focusing on three topic areas:

1. Bringing Innovation by Adjusting Working Practices to Deliver Storage and IT as a Service

2. Increasing the Pace of Transformation by Challenging and Removing Constraints

3. Embracing Technology Innovation to Maximise Benefits Early

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