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Third Platform and e-Learning Ecosystem

Knowledge Sharing author, Haitham El-Ghareeb, posits that universities and learning institutions that ignore the importance of Third Platform in e-Learning ecosystem will face tough sustainability challenges. Third Platform will certainly bring new players to the e-Learning ecosystem, open new opportunities, and present significant challenges to learning institutions.

In this Knowledge Sharing article, Haitham discusses:

• The e-Learning ecosystem benefits, challenges, and evolution

• Third Platform components and how they map to the e-Learning ecosystem

• Benefits of adopting Third Platform in e-Learning ecosystem to both e-learning services’ providers and consumers

• Availability of MOOCs and how Third Platform has enabled its success

The article concludes by addressing some of the future trends of Third Platform in the e-learning ecosystem that include research towards smarter universities based on fast and real time big data analytics, utilization of recommender systems, cloud services discovery, and other research trends.

Read the full article.

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