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Triple The Bacon’s Data Center of the Future

Today's Chief Information Officers (CIOs) face a unique set of challenges. Tasked with driving and implementing technology within their organization, the CIO must simultaneously meet current basic IT needs, plan for future growth, and adjust to changes in technology. This requires expertise in areas of both IT and service delivery to the business which include project management, operations, customer service, finance, budgeting, and IT governance just to name a few.

In this Knowledge Sharing article, Craig T. Kensey describes the life of a CIO in the midst of an all-inclusive data center transformation and the process of deciding the future of their organization and all the challenges in between. The article follows the beginning analysis of and final decision to purchase Vblock Systems by a fictitious company called Triple the Bacon Industries.

Audiences that will find this article useful span various sales teams within EMC, Cisco, VMware, and VCE’s channel partner organization. Perhaps more importantly, potential customers that are looking for new ways to gain an advantage over the competition and propel their business up the ranks in their respective industry will also benefit from this article. Even though Triple the Bacon Industries is a fictitious customer, the use case is taken from an actual Vblock win; the mechanics behind the scenes are very relevant and accurate.

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