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Unstructured Data – Growth and Challenge

The storage platform plays a vital role in today’s rapidly growing IT infrastructures, and involvement of multiple vendors for a single environment is commonplace. Accommodating multiple vendors and adapting to the new era changes are two key elements of the current storage industry.

For most organizations storage becomes a heterogeneous mix, challenging management in terms of vendor support, resource, and knowledge availability. The simplest way to address this challenge is to adopt software-defined storage (SDS) which can ease management of multi-vendor storage environments into a single centralized management console.

SDS adapts to unavoidable rapid changes and transforms the storage into a simple, extensible, and open platform. Centralizing the storage platform from various vendors and automating the administration level tasks reduces the difficulty in resource and knowledge availability.

In this Knowledge Sharing article, Shankar Rathinasamy discusses the changes that occurred over the past few years and how the storage industry reacted to those changes. Shankar also focuses on the importance of unstructured data and predictions on object-based storage. Running through the growth of object storage and the current solution from software-defined storage, the article also touches on cost, efficiency, and performance while integrating software-defined and object-based storage.

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