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VNX Integrations for Optimal Performance

In this Knowledge Sharing article, Omar Aboulfotoh, Mohammed Hashem, Wessam Seleem, and Maha Atef discuss best practices for integrating EMC VNX with different products — primarily RecoverPoint, Atmos, and VMware vSphere — and present best practices for optimizing performance of this integration.

The authors illustrate:

• Evolution of VNX

• Differences between VNX1 and VNX2

• Different models of integration between RecoverPoint, VMware, and Symmetrix on one side, and VNX on the other

• Advantages of integrating VNX with other technologies in your data centers

• Challenges of achieving a successful integration without impacting performance

• Troubleshooting issues and problems of VNX integration with different products

• Tips and tricks to achieve optimum performance of VNX integration

• What is next in the VNX-unified world

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