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What motivated you to become a Proven Professional?

Are you a Proven Professional? Why did you decide to pursue this certification? Did you do it because someone told you to? Did you do it to boost the credentials on your resume? Are you one of those people who loves collecting resumes? Or was it some other reason?

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Allen Ward
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Re: What motivated you to become a Proven Professional?

Hey Gina, I guess maybe we aren't as motivated a bunch as we thought 🙂 At least not in talking about our motivations.

I had actually intended on taking the Foundations certification exam a year earlier at EMC World 2008, but got really busy right before the event and didn't feel I had enough time to review the material. Last year was almost the same thing, but in the end I decided that I shouldn't need that much review anyway. A quick read through the ISM book I picked up the first day of EMC World 2009 (to bone up on the things I don't deal with every day) and I took the plunge. On the one hand, being certified here doesn't do much for me as everyone I work with already knows me and what I do. In the long run though it does look good on the resume, and it provides that extra level of "proof" that when I'm in a meeting telling a project team that they need to rethink their strategy... I know what I'm talking about.

Besides, my Microsoft certifications are so far out of date that I could hardly claim to hold ANY certifications any more. I had to get SOMETHING current 🙂

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