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BIOS CCTK question


I am trying to remove the F12 boot options from a Dell Optiplex 790 machine.  We have other models in our environment as well that I need to do this on.  I just want to boot from the Hard drive.  However, using the CCTK tool, I am not able to disable the "onboard or USB CD-ROM" boot option that appears after hitting F12.  Does anybody have any experience with the CCTK or might be able to shed some insight on how to do this?  I have tried tinkering with a lot of the settings in the CCTK tool but no luck.   

Note...i can get this to work if i disable the CD-rom in the BIOS, but when the user logs on they will not be able to access the CD-rom drive.  When i hit F12 during POST, i just want the Hard drive to be listed only.  

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Re: BIOS CCTK question

Hi TTrinhh,

It is not possible to remove an item from boot list completely.

However, it is possible to select or deselect a device from bootlist.

So, if a device is deselected, it will not used in boot sequence.

This could be done in BIOS setup screen (F12 option) or using CCTK.

For doing the same using CCTK, please refer to user manual.

Further, you could lock the BIOS using a setup password so that nobody can modify it.

Hope this helps.

Shrinidhi Katte

Software Dev. Senior Engineer