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Dell Command | Configure - Wrong values on GUI-interface


We have several Dell Precision T1700 clients and I wanted to create a BIOS template via Dell Command | Configure. In opposite to our other clients (Latitudes, Optiplex...) the GUI shows completely wrong BIOS settings in the column which shows the configured/true values (from BIOS).

This is what I did:

1) Updated BIOS to A16

2) Reset to defaults

3) Configuration of BIOS settings (and of course I saved the settings)

4) Installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (manually)

5) Installed all drivers (manually)

6) Installed Dell Command | Configure (on the same T1700 client)

7) Started the GUI of Dell Command | Configure

8) Changed to second tab "create local system package" (or something like that... I use the German GUI). This tab should show the configured values which I set before in BIOS (step 3).

9) However the values are wrong! I checked several settings I changed in BIOS before: One example: in BIOS I enabled Wake on LAN feature (without PXE) and disabled Deep sleep control. However according to Dell Command Configure WOL is disabled and Deep sleep control is still active. I attached a screenshot (German GUI).

Moreover I enabled SMART warnings. However Dell Command Configure shows it as "disabled" ( which is the default value).

10) Older versions of Command Configure have the same issue. Or it is a BIOS issue...

11) Resetting to default values in BIOS and re-configuring BIOS didn't help.

Can someone help?

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RE: Dell Command | Configure - Wrong values on GUI-interface


Can u please share the .ini dump of your BIOS settings for more investigation.
Open DCC Command Prompt as an administrator and use following command -

cctk -o <file_name>.ini

Please share screen shots of Wake on LAN setting and Smart Warnings in F2 also. It will be helpful

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