Dell Venue 11 7140

Sorry but I have had enough. I used a atom based Venu 11 pro for about two years and loved it, unfortunately I dropped it and the screen broke.

So to replace it, I purchased a venu 11 7140 but boy what a downright *** device this is.

Can someone tell me how I can have a reliable tablet ?

It runs Windows 10 14393.953 so fully updated, it also runs all the lastest drivers from the dell webiste. Just today I have got one BSOD (store exception) and three times I had to power off the device to be albe to use it.

Sorry but this device is so unreliable that I want my money back, 800 euros for this piece of *** is at least 800 euro too much. I just want to be able to use it, but it's so unreliable that I almost threw it out of the window a dozen times.

Can someone tell me how I can use this tablet, without having at least one BSOD every single day and having to power it off three times a day ? This is getting silly, I mean, surely having all the lastest drivers and an OS fully patched should enable me to actually use the tablet, instead of having to reboot three times a day ?

How can I get a refund ? I purchased this piece of *** in augst 2016 so surely I should be elliglbe for a full refund, because I did not get what I thought I purchased,..

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RE: Dell Venue 11 7140

Too bad no one bothered to reply. I reinstalled Windows 10, updated drivers from the dell website (it found four applicable drivers) and less than 20 hours it has it first BSOD.

Clean, OS, drivers from Dell, and the only application installed as yet is office 2016.

I think I am going to return this piece of ***, because quite frankly I have never seen such an unreliable device.

By the way, is that "I'm not a robot" really necessary, I don't get it, it is increasing the amount of time needed to get the job done, and is utterly annoying. More and more websites seem to be doing it. IT means saving time, not trying to increase the amount of time needed. Get the bloody picture ?

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