Dual Display options for Optiplex 3020m & 9020m (Micro PCs)

I am designing an order for a customer who is interested in dual display with the new Dell Optiplex Micro PCs. I am trying to determine what all options exist for a dual-display setup, as well as some finer details surrounding the various options.

My questions are as follows:

  1. Does the Opt 3020m allow the DisplayPort & VGA output to be used simultaneously?
    1. If so, is this recommended?
  2. What is the max resolution supported by the DisplayPort & VGA outputs on the Opt 3020m?
  3. Is the DisplayPort connection on the Opt 3020 capable of a "daisy chain" DisplayPort setup (i.e. DisplayPort 1.2 or newer)?
    1. If so, is this recommended?
    2. If so, are there specific Dell monitors that are known to work flawlessly with this configuration? (I know DisplayPort 1.2 daisy-chaining has been problematic with some chipset/monitor combinations, even though they all adhere to the DisplayPort 1.2 standard).
  4. For the Opt 9020m, I'd like all of the same questions answered above that I've asked regarding the Opt 3020m.
  5. The Opt 9020m sales materials and product manual both refer to an optional DisplayPort connector board which adds a second DisplayPort to the computer.
    1. Is this part currently available to purchase?
    2. Is this DisplayPort connector board a recommended approach for dual-displays? (I'm slightly leery as as type of adapter board does not seem to be common in the industry (to my knowledge).
    3. Would it be superior to any alternative configurations?
  6. Is there anything else about the Opt 9020m that would make it superior to the 3020m for a dual-display setup?

Having asked all of the above, I am ultimately needing to evaluate the options for a dual display setup with either the Optiplex 3020m or 9020m.

I am on a time-crunch with this product and am hopeful that someone from Dell can quickly answer the above questions.

Thank you for your help & time.



Doug Mortensen

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RE: Dual Display options for Optiplex 3020m & 9020m (Micro PCs)

Did you ever received an answer to these questions? They are essential. 

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