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E7450 Sccm Build

Major Retail Enterprise with volume licence (Windows 7 Enterprise) does not want to load on new E7450.  We use SCCM to create images of our builds, but the 1st pc needs to be manually built.  We cannot do this as the notebook refuses to disable secure boot.  When we do get it on legacy boot, it shows no HDD installed (SSD 256).  running setup on factory setting, Windows 8.1 Pro, we cannot activate it as we do not have a licence for it and it refuses to be registered to our domain.  GPO also runs with errors (wifi on and working, but does not accept our wifi creds.)

I have no idea how to resolve this.  Dell has changed the motherboard, the HDD and still its giving the same issue.  So how do I get my companies Windows 7 Enterprise with our programs installed and second how can we get it to be compiled via SCCM for a ISO for all future such purchases.

Apparently Dell is discontinuing the e7440 (nice system) and the replacement is e7450.  So we have to get it working.  Please HELP!!

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