RE: OptiPlex 5040 Build Failures With MDT 2013

I can install 8 manually (not through sccm) and it works fine. It's crashing as soon as it tries to boot into winpe. The system never brings up the password box to continue and it instead reboots and 'crashes.' So, nothing gets installed. I've been told to call dell pro support for this. If i come up with a better answer, i'll post.

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RE: OptiPlex 5040 Build Failures With MDT 2013

Sorry, if you aren't getting to your Task Sequence then you probably don't have the Drivers for the Nic in your boot wim.   

Sorry.  I left this piece out.  I am not very good at these forums. 

You have to have the WinPE Version 10 injected into your Windows 10 boot wim. 

You can get that here

Look for this PE>

WinPE 10

A01 (10/14/2015)

Once that's injected you should see your Task Sequence.  

And based on the fact that Windows 8.1 installs manually, I would think you would be OK from there.

You have the 5040 Cab in your TS already right?  

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RE: OptiPlex 5040 Build Failures With MDT 2013

Well, I am actually installing Windows 8.1 rather than 10. I do show that it does need WinPE 10 for this actual model (5040) though. I am not sure how to add new boot images in so I'm having to do some research. 

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