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Precision T7600 Trim Operations

I have a Precision T7600 that was purchased in 2013, it seems to have the C600 series chipset, E5-2603 CPU's and the H710P RAID controller. I've noticed the computer has become much slower than it used to be. Originally I had 4 SSD's configured in RAID 5. I suspect that the drives performance has degraded over time due to not having trim operations enabled. I've just replaced all 4 SSD's with brand new ones and I'd like to know if I configured each individual disk as RAID 0 will trim operations work. I found an older article that seems to indicate that it won't work on this chipset but it's not up to date and it's not 100% clear either. 


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RE: Precision T7600 Trim Operations

I have read on Kingstons website that TRIM is incompatible with RAID.

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