Unable to boot after converting BIOS to UEFI in MDT 2013 Task Sequence

Hi Everyone, 

I've spent the last couple of days tearing my hair out over this!

What i'm trying to achieve is to convert BIOS to UEFI, apply other BIOS configuration settings, and then lay the image down, all in one task sequence. 

I am using MDT 2013 (8443) and the BIOS configurations are being set by Dell Command Configure 3.2. I'm deploying Windows 10 1703 to Dell Latitude E7250's, E7270's and E7280's.

The issue i'm facing is after the task sequence has ran, the computer restarts and then fails to boot. Error as follows:

Here's what my Task Sequence looks like:

And here's the step that formats and partitions the disk (Default)

Steps I have taken:

  • I have disabled all BIOS configuration changes except for the enable UEFI and Set UEFI Boot List. 

  • Ran a Windows startup repair on the image which failed.

  • I have used WindowsPE and DISKPART to assign a letter to the boot partition and found that the EFI directory does not exist at all, however the standard MBR boot files are there.

  • Put a DISKPART clean disk command in after the BIOS settings are set in the task sequence.

  • When I set the UEFI and BIOS settings MANUALLY and run the same task sequence (With the BIOS configurations disabled) the OS installs perfectly.

I'm out of ideas! Hopefully someone out there reads this and is able to help. I would greatly appreciate it Smiley Happy


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