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e7250 SCCM Windows 7 Image Failure

We use SCCM 2012 R2 to create and deploy all of our images.  We are deploying Dell Latitude e7250 notebooks this year.  I have downloaded the latest cab family of drivers from Dell and created a task in our Windows 7 Task Sequence.  The e7250 will PXE boot and all the tasks complete, including applying the operating system and the driver package.  The task sequence then calls for a reboot.  The e7250 reboots, setups devices, and than at the applying settings, it bombs out.  (I have attached a pic I took with my phone.) 

We have a tasks in the sequence that copy and apply the x86 KDMF for Windows 7.  I tried disabling this step, but the image still bombs. 

Is anyone familiar with this issue?  Does the e7250 require UMDF to work properly?  Any help would be appreciated!

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RE: e7250 SCCM Windows 7 Image Failure

I've been experiencing the same thing, I have an inline process to inject the KMDF. Thinking this was causing the failure, I injected the KMDF using DISM and reimported a new .wim. This didn't help.

I then added the UMDF as part of the TS, and the 7250 now imaged fine using Windows 7 Enterprise x64.

Below the Apply Windows Settings step, I have;

Create Scratch Directory

cmd.exe /c mkdir %OSDisk%\Scratch

Install KMDF 1.11 Framework

cmd.exe /c X:\windows\system32\dism.exe /ScratchDir:%OSDisk%\Scratch /Image:%OSDisk%\ /Add-Package /PackagePath:%_SMSTSMDataPath%\Packages\yourpackageid\Windows6.1-KB2685811-x64.cab

Install UMDF 1.11 Framework

cmd.exe /c X:\windows\system32\dism.exe /ScratchDir:%OSDisk%\Scratch /Image:%OSDisk%\ /Add-Package /PackagePath:%_SMSTSMDataPath%\Packages\yourpackageid\Windows6.1-KB2685813-x64.cab

Remove Scratch Folder

cmd.exe /c rmdir /S /Q "C:\Scratch"

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RE: e7250 SCCM Windows 7 Image Failure

Thank you for this help JAMESVINCENT.

I am going to try this out.

Not really sure what it is doing, could you give a high level explanation?

UMDF is like the new BIOS, right? What are you doing here? adding something so Windows can talk to the UMDF BIOS?


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