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Can xPression Pass AFP Image Count Outside Batch?

Hi all.  I'm a new xPression user so forgive my ignorance.  I have a requirement where I need to provide an AFP output.  With that AFP output, I need to provide a text file with 3 fields in it: The corresponding AFP file name, the number of documents in it and the number of total pages of those docs.  Is there a way that xPression can expose the total page count to my Unix shell script (that calls the xPression batch) so that I can put into a text file?

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Re: Can xPression Pass AFP Image Count Outside Batch?

AFP output

TrueType fonts can be used in AFP output, so there is no need to convert the fonts to AFP outline format, but some preparation is required. First it is necessary to take some steps to prepare the environment.

To prepare the environment to use TrueType fonts:

1. In xAdmin open Resource Management, and then open the Font Utility. Delete any font mappings that reference AFP outline fonts.

2. In xAdmin, open Publish Output Management, and then open Output Definitions. Open the output definition to be used with the document and remove any fonts listed in the Do Not Embed Font List.

3. Use Windows Explorer to open the \xPression\Publish\AFPFontCache folder and remove any AFP outline fonts that are stored there.

4. Ensure that the appropriate TrueType fonts are loaded in \Windows\Fonts .

Support for embedded TrueType fonts must be enabled at the AFP printer. This is an option on some AFP printers. When the environment is prepared, and the document using the special fonts is referenced and saved in xDesign, xPression will automatically populate the TrueType fonts in the Font Management Utility, located in xAdmin’s Resource Management page. xPression will also place copies of the TrueType fonts in the \xPression\Publish\FontCache folder. When publishing to an output profile that references the output definition modified above, the TrueType fonts will be embedded in the AFP output file.

Document Formatting in xEditor
If a document is created in xDesign using Word 2003 and is modified in xEditor using Word 2007 there may be some formatting differences if the file is saved to the file system since the styles differ between the two Word versions. For example, in Word 2003 the font family for the table.MsoNormalTable style
is Times New Roman 10 point, but in Word 2007 it is Calibri 11 point.

Since there is a difference in font size, the entire page layout is affected. Styles in xPression are based on the template this problem is not experienced when the document is opened within xPression, regardless of Word version. It is experienced only when the document is saved to the file system using Save As and then opened outside xPression. This issue applies to xEditor in either xResponse or xRevise.

Multi-page TIFF as External Content for xDesign

(Assembly Engine, Design - General, DCPI Composition Engine, DCPI StyledDoc)

A new option for External Content Type: TIFF. Refer to the xDesign User Guide topic Creating an External Content Group for information on how to create an external content group. The TIFF option is selected from the same list as the existing PDF and Microsoft Word.doc options.

All standard TIFF compression algorithms are supported. External TIFF content is output on the specified page size. When the size of the external TIFF is greater than the specified page size the TIFF image is scaled with the original image aspect ratio preserved. When the external TIFF is less
than the specified page size the TIFF image is aligned to the top-left corner of the page. Multi-page external TIFF files are converted to multiple pages for PDF/PS, AFP, and PCL output, and multiple images in HTML and WebArchive formats. External TIFF content is included in the total page count of the document. Retain External Content Page Numbering is not relevant to external TIFF and so is not available; page numbering of an image
cannot be changed so external TIFF images are output as-is.

Hope this info is helpful.


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Re: Can xPression Pass AFP Image Count Outside Batch?

I am new to AFP too. We are not able to get the proper afp output as well. This is what I am using for afp font. Please advise what the ouput definition should look like.

afp output definition.tif


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