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Kdriver Logs best practices

The Kdriver logs on our Solaris systems are getting large. What are people doing to limit the size of the logs? Do they need to be this large and log all the information?
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Re: Kdriver Logs best practices

During the installation of I believe this is RP 2.3 you have, you can configure how big you want the Kdriver logs to be. You can stop the CG, detach the vols from the splitter, reinstall the Kdriver and specify a lower size of logs to keep.

We have a RP forum here

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Re: Kdriver Logs best practices


Greeting for the day

Could you please let me know, how big are those logs? EMC recommending the default log file size as 500 MB. Could you please take a screenshot those size and let me know these below mentioned details.

1) Recoverpoint version/Service Pack / Patch/ build number if applicable

2) Host environment [Hardware detail, operating system, Splitter version]

3) Storage model

Thank you.


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