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Recommended Scripting Language For Automation - Perl/Python/Ruby ?


I am a VMAX/VNX storage administrator looking to automate a few reports and daily health checks etc.

While the Enterprise Dashboard of Unisphere does show status of the array etc, one still has to login to it to find out. What I'm looking at is a scripting language that will enable me to gather the CLI output, filter out the content and send an email with the content.

Also looking at a scripting language that can create Excel/HTML based reports with Charts etc.

I do have some Perl Scripting experience and had done some automation on Non EMC Arrays using Perl but it was about two years ago. Is it better to stick to Perl ? Will learning Python or Ruby offer any benefit in terms of automation over Perl?

Is there  a scripting language that is used or preferred by EMC? Any of the three scripting languages that are better suited for REST API scripting as well as automating things in a Cloud? I might be going way ahead of myself here, but basically looking at one scripting language that will help me do all of this. Sorry for the barrage of questions.

Kindly let me know.

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Re: Recommended Scripting Language For Automation - Perl/Python/Ruby ?

hi pmu,

Which date you want to make customization, Unisphere UI displays or command line output. Both of them support pulling data from Array via rest API (for unisphere) or XML (for symcli), Then you can do customization on that. Whatever you any script language to normalize the data, it looks not big differences. I think It bases on which language you know more.

But another question is,  have you deep validate if the existing UI chart or CLI export don't meet your requirements? If so, it is deserved to put extra effort beyond EMC management tools. Otherwise, just use it. That' my own opinion, hopefully it helps.