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Switch migration from brocade to cisco

I have been assigned a new assignment to migrate switch from old brocade to new cisco MDS. I have differnt servers attached to the old brocade switch as AIX, windows, vmware and redhat linux. Do anyone can direct me  to any specific doc which can guide me the process of migration with very little downtime. As well can you please suggest you experience while doing the migration with respect to AIX, linux as these servers are very hard to deal with with respect to there fcid assocating with the old switch and what best practise you suggest to migrate these servers .

Can anyone please suggest ? thanks in advance

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Re: Switch migration from brocade to cisco

Upgrading my environment, cannot find enough information for the same exact assigned task. The closest I have found is in the Techbook "Fibre Channel SAN Topologies", but it is limted and to do a good job info about which settings are intrusive and the steps to follow is lacking. Could anyone share that information?

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Re: Switch migration from brocade to cisco

There should be some discussion threads in the infrastructure forum


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