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Unexplained files deleted on destination.

I am wondering if anyone else has experienced an issue using EMCOPY64 where files are deleted from the destination location (when they should not be.)

In multiple instances, I am trying to synch the contents of a root level home folder structure (100-180 User Home Folders with anywhere from 5 – 8 TB of data.)

emcopy64.exe \\Source \\Destination /ignoredhsm /nosec /sd /s /d /purge /th 128 /c /r:0 /w:0 /log+:D:\LogFile.txt

When I review the log file, I see that files are often being deleted from certain user home folder structures, when they should not be.

The folders are usually multiple levels deep with a fair amount of very small files.

The specific files and folders continue to exist on the source..but they get deleted from the destination for no apparent reason.

If I modify the script and remove the /Purge switch, the deleted files get copied back.

The issue is, I wanted to use the /Purge option to keep source and destination in synch for final cutover to the client.

Any help or comments is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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