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ASM failed saving VDS/VSS access setting

Hi, My environment is EqualLogic PS4100 with Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V clusters.

When saving VDS/VSS access setting in Auto-Snapshot Manager (Ver 5.0 and 4.9), I'm getting following error:

Started at 10:06:47 AM
Processing PS Group Access changes
Verifying PS Group Access Settings on 'DemoHPVgrp01'
Preparing 1 host(s) to save setting changes
Waiting for ASM Agent service on host DemoHPVhyp02.
Applying settings...
Saving PS Group Access Settings on host 'DemoHPVhyp02'

An error occurred:

Error saving PS Group Access  DemoHPVgrp01 : 1. Failed to register iSCSI target : Target Portal registration with iSCSI Initiator failed (error 0xEFFF0003)..

DemoHPVhyp02 : Failed to save PS Group Access settings


This CHAP, initiator name, IP were set to correct value in both EqualLogic Group Manager and ASM-PS Group Access. The errors remain same even if I used all wildcard in the Open Manage Access Policy. Meanwhile the targets are all up and running in Windows cluster.

Any suggestions on how to proceed at this point? Thank you

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Re: ASM failed saving VDS/VSS access setting


 On the failing group, can you manually log into the vss-control volume for that group?   If so, I would suggest opening a support case so they can look at the logs.



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