Adding New HDD in Existing RAID Group on Dell EqualLogic PS4000E

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I have an existing EQL PS4000E enclosure with 8 x 500GB 7.2 drives installed and in production. The 8 drives are in a Raid 5 with 1 hot spare. But now we are plan for adding new 5 drive in the same system it is possible to add without any data lose? Please suggest me what is best practice.. 

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RE: Adding New HDD in Existing RAID Group on Dell EqualLogic PS4000E


Yes, you can install new drives during production.

1.) They will have to be Dell EQL drives.  Standard OEM drives will not work.  There is a signature on the Dell drives specific for EQL arrays.  

2.)  You can't just add 5 drives, EQL is designed for 8x or 16 drives with the PS4000.  

3.)  They also have to be same speed drives, you can't mix 10K/15K with 7.2K RM drives.

4.)  They can be larger than 500GB, but only 500GB will be allocated from each new drive.

Assuming all those requirements are met,  I would first make sure you are running current EQL FW.

Then stage all the drives in the slots.  Make sure they are not completely seated,  So leave the drives pulled out a small amount.  Once all the drives are staged, start fully plugging them in, one right after another.  

Once all drives come online, the array will begin expanding the R5 RAIDset to include the new drives.  The new space won't be available until the expansion process completes.



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