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Dell Equallogic PS6010 Array RAID problem

Hello, I have the same problem. I have a iscsi Equallogic PS6010 whose array was in degraded mode. 2 drives was failed. After i replace the failed drives, when i run raidtool i see below : Driver Status: Initializing raid_ioctl_query_mirror_by_idx failed I do not know what to do and I have important data on it. How to recover my data and rebuild RAID 5 Thank you
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Re: Dell Equallogic PS6010 Array RAID problem


 It is best to open a new topic vs. replying to an older one.  

 If you are running RAID5 and had two DATA drives fail that is not degraded, that is faulted beyond recovery.  You can't just replace both failed drives.  There aren't enough data drives to recover and rebuild the RAIDset. 

That is the major problem with using RAID5.   RAID6 should be used instead. 

 Your best option is open an out-of-warranty call with Dell.  They can look at which drives have failed and see which is the critical one.  The last one to fail.  

  If that drive can't not be brought back online you could send it to a data recovery company and see if they can restore all or more of the data.  Then they will clone that to a new good drive so that a rebuild can be done. 

 If that is successful and you wish to keep using this array I would suggest backing up all the data, resetting it and build again using RAID6. 



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