Dell Equallogic with ASM running + UPS shutdown script

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Hi all,

Apologies if this is a bit of a newbie question as I have not really worked with Equallogics much.

The setup is that we have Equallogics running with Auto Snapshot on some of the volumes (that VM's run off of).

I am looking to implement a shutdown script with my UPS and just had a few questions.

If my UPS detects a power issue for more than x amount of time and sends the necessary command to my server what I want it to do is Powershell into the ESX hosts, shut down the VM's and then wait before shutting down the hosts themselves.

Now, if we have ASM setup on some of these servers (Windows Server 2012 File servers) I have been told that previously if we wanted to shut down this server we need to RDP in, stop any ASM replication, close any open files and then I can shut it down.

But is this entirely necessary? Surely if I just shut down the server it would just stop that replication anyway? Or would it potentially cause an issue.

If the latter then is there anyway to script the stopping of said replication?

Thanks in advance.

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RE: Dell Equallogic with ASM running + UPS shutdown script

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 You don't have to shutdown ASM first.  If replication is running, that's done on the array itself.  Not by ASM. ASM creates a schedule, and before it starts, the MS Volume Shadow Service (VSS) is called to quiet the filesystem first.  Then the snapshot (AKA SmartCopy) is done on the array.  This provides a much more consistent snapshot/replica.  As all buffered writes are flushed.  Also ASM integrates into SQL, Exchange and SharePoint.  

 So if a replication is running, just shutdown the VMs, and servers.  If you shutdown the arrays while replication is running it will resume when the array comes back online.  Replication uses a hidden snapshot so there will be no lost data. 

 re Shutdown.  There are sample PERL and Python Scripts on the EQLSUPPORT.DELL.COM site. (user account required)  that show how to shutdown the array.  You can also use PowerShell as well.  

 I would suggest you make sure to keep your array firmware up to date and check to see if the drives need a firmware upgrade as well.  



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