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Dell PS Series SAN firmware v8.1.13 and v9.1.4 released

The PS FW Maintenance Web Releases V8.1.13 and V9.1.4 are now available in the EQL Support Page.


These firmware versions are general releases and these can be downloaded by any customers having access to EQL support page.


Key fixes gone into these are:


  • Under rare circumstances, a PS4210, PS6210 or PS6610 array rebooted, indicating an icache error. Firmware has been improved to re-validate the condition before restarting the
  • Under rare circumstances, for example, if a 10 GB PS array was connected to a 1 GB switch, either the PS4210, PS6210 or PS6610 array or the secondary controller rebooted.
  • Under rare circumstances, an array rebooted unexpectedly with QRQ error.
  • Under extremely rare circumstances, a PS6510 array lacked passive control module redundancy, but firmware allowed user to failover. Firmware will now warn instead with a message.
  • While creating replication schedules, extra characters may have spuriously been appended to the partner name.


  • During a SAN power-up, a firmware update to version 9.1, or a controller failover, the firmware code was changed to offline a volume affected by "missing pages", instead of halting the group functionality to maintain initiator's access to unaffected volumes.


  • During a firmware update to version 9.1, orphan replication information for deleted partnerships might have prevented the upgraded array from accommodating initiator sessions while an internal process frequently respawned.


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