Dell PS6010E with 3TB SATA Disk

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i got a Dell EQL PS6010E(firmware 9.1.5 32 bits) with 16x 3TB SATA disk, it works fine. but the EQL showing up 746GB but not 3TB, and i tested with 2TB, it show up 1.8 TB. It looks the EQL is unable to detect disk over 2TB and auto-make it to 1TB. Anyone have same issue, or anyway to make the EQL to work with disk over 2TB? thank you!

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Re: Dell PS6010E with 3TB SATA Disk


 I'm sorry but no.  That controller uses a SATA disk controller.  SATA by spec can support a capacity of 2TB. 

 There's no way around that with that controller.



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