Dell PS6100 Replication and DR question

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Hello everyone, I have 2 PS6100 SAN's in two different site (site A and site B) for DR purposes. The VM .vhd files are stored in a volume on the SAN at site A. Then that volume is replicated to site B. Replication is working fine. Our DR process is as follows: When site A VM goes down. 1) We pause the volume replication from site A to site B. 2) We turn on the VM at site B. 3) We promote the inbound replica at site B. 4) We attach it to the Hyper-V host using ISCSI initiator. 5) Bring volume online on Hyper-V Host and assign a drive letter. 5) Then attach to VM. My question is, can the PS6100 replicate volume to volume? So I don't have to go through this process. I would like to just turn on the DR VM in site B and have the volume attached. Details of both sites: Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2 Host Servers Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2 VM's Dell EqualLogic PS6100 40Mbps WAN link
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RE: Dell PS6100 Replication and DR question

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No.  There's no live replication like that.   You would need to look at a host based replication for that capability.   You can only promote or clone a replica in order to gain access to it.


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