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EQL PS6210X Controller


Does anyone know what type n how many ports does PS6210X controller have?

And is there maximum snapshot that PS6210X can do?


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RE: EQL PS6210X Controller

2x SFP+

2x 10G BaseT which is also 1G compatible

1x MGMT Fast Ethernet

You can only use SFP+ OR BaseT at same time!

About max Snaps.. .in the early times it was 512 but i think over the years i goes up to 10000 per Group.  Its different when using a Group which only have 1-2 PS4xxx members.



RE: EQL PS6210X Controller

More information about the various configuration limits is available in the firmware release notes.

Which are downloadable from the EQL support site.   http://eqlsupport.dell.com


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RE: EQL PS6210X Controller

1024 volumes per group

512 snapshots per volume

10,000 snapshots per group

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