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ESXi Networking Help...


We currently have 1 - MD3000i and 1 - EqualLogic PS4100. I am
wondering what my best bet is for setting up the networking regarding this in ESXi. Currently we only have an MD and are adding the EQL.

Should I add some extra nics and separate the two so that the MD has its on
VLAN separate from the PS. So that the MD has a vSwitch with 2 nics on one network and the PS has its own vSwitch with 2 nics on another network. Or can they both go on the same network and share two NICs? Just wondering about best practice type stuff here. Thanks!

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Re: ESXi Networking Help...

Good morning,

The best practice is to have them on different subnet/VLANs and on different NICs.  You could share them in theory, but you risk potentially not getting the full benefit from each device.

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Re: ESXi Networking Help...

Hello inflxx-ec,

It is best to split the 2 unit in their own VLAN.  The reason is that even though they both are using iSCSI the EQL has some extra things that run in the background that don’t run on the MD.  So for that reason we recommend that if you have the ability to split the 2 that you do.  Also with both being split if you wanted to fine tune the performance it is easier.

Let us know how it goes.

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