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EqualLogic Management Pack Device Discovery

Hi folks, 

Does anyone have experience working with the Dell EqualLogic MP? I am having discovery issues. I see others have posted similar issues but no clear solution has been provided.

 -The SNMP device discovery of the EQ SAN group/array seems to be working fine. I can see the OID and MIB2 System names.

-The MP has been installed using the Feature Management Dashboard per instructions.

-The EQ-MP Suite install was run as an administrator.

-I tried the latest version 6.0 and the previous 5.0 release.

-Installing on SCOM 2012 R2 UR6 with EQ PS6000 and PS6100.

-The helper COM+ object may not have installed properly. How do I verify?

I can’t seem to get the MP to discover these devices; no instances in the EQ groups or device views. I am having a hard time nailing down the exact discovery criteria; lots of scripts. I assume discovery must be based on OID since this is the only identifying device criteria. It does not appear that the discovery scripts are being blocked by AV or IDS. I have limited visibility into the EQ configuration; I wonder if something is missing on that end.

Thanks, Andrew

UPDATE: The COM Helper object install is critical to the discovery process. The discovery scripts will exit immediately if not installed. Discover is impossible without it.

If you run the install under your credentials, even with elevated credentials, a series of files are unpacked and run from c:\users\<user>\AppData\Local\Temp. You may have software restriction policies or intrusion detection running that will block dll and executables under a user profile. The installer unfortunately completes successfully; even if these sub-tasks are blocked. In short, focus on the COM Helper object if missing. In my case I had to deploy the exe using SCCM; making sure to uncheck “run under users credentials”. The other option would have been to disable IDS during the install or create exclusion rules.

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