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EqualLogic PS6000 - Lost Blocks Detected

I have a EqualLogic PS6000 FW version 5.2.5 that has a warning "RAIDset lost blocks detected."  I used the CLI and ran the command to see how many lost blocks and its showing 1300.

I read in another post that it is not recommended to erase the lost blocks because some FW versions need a script ran.  I'm currently out of warranty, and wondering if you could provide some assistance?  Am I safe deleting the lost blocks?  Is there a command I can use to accept the warning?

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Re: EqualLogic PS6000 - Lost Blocks Detected


 You can open a support case, and pay for a one time support call.  This would be the best option.  The diagnostic report from that array should be reviewed before the proper steps are done.  Those commands can not be shared on a public forum.  At that firmware level a reboot will be required afterwards.

 Did you have a drive failure recently?   What RAID level are you using? 




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