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Equallogic MPIO Distribution Across Multiple NIC's

Hi All,

I have a backup server running Veeam proxy, backing up a roughly 700 vm's of our 1800 or so. As a result I am trying to fine tune network throughput. I have a 4 port Intel NIC that I am feeding directly into my iscsi fabric for direct SAN backups. I have the Equallogic MPIO software installed on the server to achieve optimal throughput.

What I am experiencing though, is that NIC 1 is running between 90-100% utilization throughout the backup process, where NIC's 2-4 are averaging less than 40% utilization across the 3. I am trying to understand why the load is not more evenly distributed across all 4 ports. Likewise, why NIC 1 is utilizing 90-100% of its available capacity where nic's 2-4 are utilizing less than half of their available capacity.  All NIC's are configured identically.

The server is 2 x 6core, with 32gb of memory. so CPU should not be a bottle neck.

Any ideas or insight would be really appreciated.

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RE: Equallogic MPIO Distribution Across Multiple NIC's

I would first check your MPIO Policy, the default for the EQL DSM is Least Queue Depth, but this can be changed to Round Robin too.

In Disk manager, check the policy, select the Disk (eql volume),  properties, and on the hardware tab, select the EQLOGIC 100E-00 Device.  From there go to the properties, and MPIO Tab.  On this same tab you can also view the MPIO details, and clear the counters to see if a different setting is working better for you.



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