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Re: Equallogic PS series Firmware Updates

That is a beautifully long spiel that as perfectly reasonable as it sounds has absolutely nothing to do with the problem I face at all.

I really don't care that it is charged for. I really don't care that it's sold with a support contract and I have done and dealt with both of these issues.

The comparison and justification of support contracts is a beautiful waste of wording that although makes Dell's end of the situation sound reasonable, it is not.

The problem at hand is that it is NOT OBTAINABLE.

The firmware exists for the hardware I purchased.

I can NOT buy this firmware.
I can NOT obtain a support contract for it.
I can NOT under any terms available at all purchase, license, obtain, etc. the firmware for my hardware without purchasing entirely new conflicting hardware which would actually defeat the entire purpose.

There is no way to technically sound logical or justified in this.
It is moronic.

Edit: But I can still get my hardware fixed if it was physically broken. I can still get parts for it. I just can't obtain upgrades in any way. That is not a problem I've ever faced with any company.

Even the notion of a company being unwilling to sell already existing firmware upgrades to products still being serviced sounds ridiculous and is. Not a problem I've faced with Microsoft or any other company before a product was totally out of service dead.

Most companies as long as they still maintain the capacity to take your money will.