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Equallogic PS6210x Convert RAID 10 to RAID 6

I know this is supported but my question is what impact should be expected when a RAID 10 configuration gets change to RAID 6.  I also already know that once that change is made I cannot go back to RAID 10 without 1st wiping the RAID 6.  I understand it can take quite a long time (any numbers regarding time estimates would be very helpful) but I don't know if there is an outage involved, is there significant performance degradation that I need to be aware of, etc.  I am configuring the new array as RAID 10 which is eating up tons of my available storage with the backup plan to convert to RAID 6 (unlikely) in the future if we run into significant unexpected data growth.  I may decide to just go with RAID 6 if the conversion later is going to have a significant impact on the business.  I really need the performance of RAID 10 but need to understand the impact of converting in the future if I need to.  Any help that anyone could offer would be appreciated.

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Re: Equallogic PS6210x Convert RAID 10 to RAID 6


 I/O requests from the servers always have priority over the background expansion.  That's one of the reasons it can take awhile.  So the conversion time isn't easy to predict and can change depending on I/O load.  You can monitor it and get a rough idea.

 Do you have SANHQ installed? Once nice feature is if you started at RAID10 and monitored array, you can use the RAID evaluator to see if changing to RAID6 will be feasible based on historical I/O load. 

Is this being added to an existing group?   RAID10 has better write performance with smaller blocksize random writes, but RAID6 is much better at reads vs. RAID10 since more drives are actually being used for work vs. a mirror.

 So there is no outage with the conversion.  It will have some impact on performance but with 10K drives that may not really be noticeable. 





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