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Equallogic Ps5000e Training

Can anyone point me in the right place for some decent tutorials to learn the Equallogic Ps5000e. We have a Disaster Recovery test planned in a month and the SAN we have been given is a Ps5000e which isn't something I've used before s I need to get myself up to speed. I would need to initialise the SAN & provision LUNs for VMware datastores.

Does Dell have any kind of a virtual simulator like NetApp & EMC do? I believe we do have an Equallogic on a different site but I'm unsure on the model & I'd rather not play around on a production SAN.

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RE: Equallogic Ps5000e Training


FYI, the PS5000E is end-of-life.  So using that with a current EQL array isn't supported.   Also the firmware levels might not be compatible with the production side arrays.

This is a link to a series of classes on how to use EQL storage.


Also there are a number of YouTube videos.  Search for Dell Equallogic will bring up large list.

There is no simulator available.

Model numbers aren't important in the EQL line, the revision of firmware is what's key.   They all run the same code, model numbers just indicate controller types, number and type of disks.


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