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Equalogic PS6210 experiences on Windows Server 2019?

Hi there,

we just upgraded our Hyper-V Cluster from 2012R2 to 2016. We also would like to finally upgrade the Cluster to Server 2019. We got the relative old Equalogic PS6210 Storage, coupled with the Host Integration Tools. The Tools are supported up to Server 2016. 

Someone got a similar setup or experiences with this/ a older SAN, including the Tools on Server 2019? 

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Equalogic PS6210 experiences on Windows Server 2019?


 The 6210 is current HW spec model.  Hopefully you are running the current firmware 10.0.2? 

  The 2019 server itself will likely connect fine to the 6210. As the iSCSI and networking have not changed. 

 However, the HIT/ME software is not certified for that OS so I would suggest you wait for the next version of HIT/ME software that should support 2019 before upgrading.  Otherwise you may not be able to use those features the software provides with 2019.  





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