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Ethernet ports incompatible with DCB!!!

Please any one help me?

I am seeing " Ethernet ports incompatible with DCB " in SAN HeadQuarters. Please suggest what i have to do. Is this an issue?

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Re: Ethernet ports incompatible with DCB!!!

What kind of 10GbE switch are you using?   Not all 10GbE switches support the features that iSCSI needs they only support FCoE features.  Dell Power Connect 8024, Nexus 5000 series are examples of switches that don't support iSCSI / DCB.

If that's the case, then DCB must be disabled on the switch.  

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Re: Ethernet ports incompatible with DCB!!!

Are you using 10Gbit switches?

DCB is a technology to run storage and other traffic on the same switch. It prioritises  the storage traffic over anything else. No need to worry if you are only using the switch for storage traffic.

DCB is new standard.

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