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Expand a equallogic volume

I have  a equallogic with 3 members, PS4110, PS4210 and PS6110.

Im new to Dell Equallogic and now i need to expand a volume. Whats the best procedure?

I have a vmware 6.x cluster connected to it. I need to expand a volume so i can add more storage to a centos 6.x virtual machine in vmware. 

Any ideas on how to do this? Can i just expand the volume by going to the volume settings and then on the space tab , add more space?

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Re: Expand a equallogic volume

First you indeed go to the space tab of the settings/properties and pick a larger size.

After this, have ESXi on the server (one of them if you are sharing the volume with multiple ESXi hosts (typically for a cluster)) rescan its storage.

Now you go to the properties of the datastore and you should have an option to resize/expand the datastore. Follow the wizard (generally just click next till you can click finish) and the datastore should be resized in a few seconds.

Now you can go to the VM settings and either add another drive and mount this where you need it, or resize an existing drive for the VM and use a partition manager (or volume manager) of your choice to resize the partition in the guest OS.

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Re: Expand a equallogic volume


 If you adding more VMs it may be better to create a new volume instead. 

Typically more smaller volumes work better than one HUGE one.

 It allows for more concurrent I/O to be processed.  Kind of like two people working same problem vs. one doing it all.

 Also if you have installed the VMware Storage Manager appliance that will do the entire resize process for you or help you create a new volume on the array and mount it to the ESXi servers.




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