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How to change a faulted controller card on a PS6110 device?

I need to change a faulted controller in my PS6110, I understand that the controllers need to have the same version of Firmware, so I'm not certain of which version came on the used I purchased to swap with damaged one.


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Re: How to change a faulted controller card on a PS6110 devi

Hello furbina,

What you are going to want to do is to remove the SD card from the non-working controller, & put it into your replacement controller.  All your PS6110 configuration is saved on the SD card.  You can then insert the controller into your PS6110 and have it seen. 

If you insert the replacement controller without using the SD card from the old controller, & the firmware is older than, you would connect to it with a serial cable, and when it's logged in, it will tell you that the firmware is mismatched.  You "have no choice" but to upgrade, and you tell it yes and it updates the firmware from the active controller and reboots that controller and all is good no interruption to production.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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