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ISCSI discovery produces incomplete target list in vSphere

Hi all,

I have a few EQ units (PS6010, PS6100, PS5000). Each unit has separate IP addresses configured on each physical network interface. All three units are in one group.

In vSphere, when I add the group IP address as a dynamic discovery target in the ISCSI HBA, it populates the list of static discovery targets as expected.

However, the static discovery targets list shows only entries with the group IP address. None of the entries in the targets list contain any of the IP addresses that are configured on the individual network interfaces. My understanding is that they should be there, in order for VMware to do MPIO properly.

Is my understanding wrong? Or is my configuration wrong? 

Thanks in advance,


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Re: ISCSI discovery produces incomplete target list in vSphere


 It's working as it should.  When a connection is actually made, the array will use an iSCSI feature called "login redirect" to actually make the connection to a physical port on a member holding the volume data.  Over time the array may move that connection to another port or member to balance the IO load on all the ports.  In that case an "async logout" command will be sent to the initiator and it will logout and log right back into the array.  Then the array will tell the initiator what physical port to use.

 This link has information on the various balancers on the PS Series SAN.


Also very important is configuring the ESXi server ISCSI adapter to Dell Best Practices.  This PDF TR1091 will show you how to do that.




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