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Initial Setup of Equalogic PS4000

I have reset a PS4000 back to default and am now configuring it for the first time.

I gave the unit a member name after which I am prompted with

Network interface [eth0]:

Whether I press [enter] or type eth0 or eth1 I get the response

*** Failed to set IP address. Please try again

Do you want to re-enter the IP address (yes | no)

I believe the prompt I am after is "IP address for Network interface []


What am I missing please ?

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Re: Initial Setup of Equalogic PS4000


 What are you using to connect to it?   Sounds like the terminal program is sending an extra character.  So the ETH0 is set.  I.e. CR/LF vs. just Carriage Return (CR)

 Also make sure ETH0 is actually plugged into a switch.  The Ethernet carrier must be there in order to configure the array.

 If you have a copy of the HIT kit for Windows or Linux you can use the Remote Setup Wizard instead.  With the array plugged into the same subnet it will scan the network for unconfigured EQL arrays.




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