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Lost of SDCARD PS4100X.



Hello, how are you guys?

We made the purchase of an EQL 4100X that came without the corresponding SDCARDS (inside the controllers there is a 4gb SDCARD, different from the standard 1gb which usually accompanies the controller)

When inserting an SD card from another PN of the SAME controller type (tyoe12), the following error appears when starting the SD card:

"The nvram version currently running on the array does not match the saved version in nvram"

Curren Version: 16.
Saved Version: 12.


1) Is there a way to clear the NVRAM configuration by forcing the machine to use the DEVMRG of the current SDCARD?


2) If not, is there a link to download version 12 of DEVMRG and write to sdcard without contacting Dell support?


3) Could someone generate an iso of your SD CARD and send me via MP?


PS: My PN of controller is Y4PDW.
Thx in any help.

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Re: Lost of SDCARD PS4100X.


 I would suggest going back to the vendor you got this from to resolve this..  You would have to know the exact version of firmware on the array now and match the SD card to that specific version.

 There are no free external links to download EQL firmware.  It's restricted to those with an active service contract or warranty.  

 If the original vendor is not able to help, then you can try to open a one time support case with Dell for a fee.

Potentially there are ways to clear this condition using special support commands and a serial port connection to the controllers.  Using a standard NULL modem cable at 9600,n,8.1, NO Parity and NO Flowcontrol.  You will need that working before Dell Support will be able to assist you.




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