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NetVualt 9.20 Tape backup restore fail

 Hey all.

Not sure were to post this but its Dell related.

NEEDing help with backup resotreing.

As support wont help me.. as usual at Quest. with just a question.

Netvault running 9.20 Build 17

I need abit of help understanding why when you restore a backup, it fails -from a full backup.

This is just a test server to know that the backups are working.. obvouisly not.

It dosnt give a reasion why, Other then Failed.


Ok so,

New 2008 server install, with Netvault backup client

On the host that manges the backup, restore screen, i make a seclection of what i want to restore (Eg DC-11), then chose the arcived files to restore. C:\ & system state. desternation is DC-11-Test.

Running the job checkes the index then fails 11-12seconds later.

Need help with this urgently as of now, we cant recover any old servers on a new platform.


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DELL-Donald Wi

Re: NetVualt 9.20 Tape backup restore fail

Hello Oliver,

This forum is for Dell Equallogic SAN storage arrays.

Please try the Power Vault Forum, located here:




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