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P6000 - Diskzero Confirmation

Is there a way to confirm the diskzero process has completed successfully?

I kicked off the DiskZero process on my P6000 Equalogic SAN a couple of weeks ago and every time I try to run it again, it says the process has already started. Its' been this way for over a week.

I cant tell whether the diskzero process keeps cycling over and over again or if it will eventually end. If it does eventually end - is there anyway to confirm it's status?

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RE: P6000 - Diskzero Confirmation


 Diskzero on a large array can take quite some time.  However, if you are expecting some kind of DoD level wipe that is not what diskzero does.   The ability to recover data has made all software based secure wipes much less effective and no longer used by the government. 

 If you are concerned about someone recovering data, I would suggest the following. 

 With the array reset, create a new group.   At the CLI use a RAID policy that has no spares.  I.e. raid50-nospares.    GrpCli>member select <membername> raid-policy raid50-nospares

 Let the RAIDset complete.   Reset the array and repeat the process using a different RAID level then reset again. 

 That will be more effective than diskzero. 



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