PS6100 microSD card rebuild

I have a one controller san that had the microSD card removed and now lost.

It boots to the CTRL-P boot mode with an error about the mossing microSD card. I have a new card, formatted to NTFS (saw something on line about this) and it still boots the same.

How can I get what ever files are needed back onto the mocroSD card? And what files are needed?

I don't have another controller to borrow the micoSD card for a copy, or be sure it was the same firmare version.

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Re: PS6100 microSD card rebuild

I'm in the same case.


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Re: PS6100 microSD card rebuild


It doesn't use NTFS that's one problem.  It's FAT16.

 You need to clone the one from the active CM.  Which means you need to take a small outage.  You can copy it to an ISO file using a number of utilities out there.  Even 'dd' on *NIX system will work.  Then re-install and then go from file to the new microSD card.




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