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PSM-4110 Equalogic - Change Group Ip - CLI


I am trying to change the management group IP of an array to get GUI access. Right now I just have a console access. Can someone guide me the proper command to change the network setting please?

Existing Group-IP is 192.168.198.x range

New IP range : 10.202.2.x

The command I have tried,

 grpparams management-network ipaddress 10.202.2.x
Changing the management network address closes all management connections associ
ated with the IP address. Do you want to change the management network address?
(y/n) [n]y

% Error - Management address must be on the same subnet as the addresses on all
management interfaces
 member select PSM4110-02 eth select 1
ipaddress 10.202.2.x
% Error - There must be at least one member network interface on the same subnet
 as the management address
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Re: PSM-4110 Equalogic - Change Group Ip - CLI


 What is the old IP address compared to the new?   You can open the netmask if they are close.  E.g. 172.16.1.x to 172.16.2.x   SO a netmask would allow you to change it and then change netmask back

Or you can review this thread for instructions on how to disable the Mgmt port.  Then you can re-enable it from the ISCSI discovery address. 




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